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Five reasons to visit Wild Place Project this Halloween half-term

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

The Wild Place Project is a family attraction on the outskirts of Bristol, which provides outdoor adventure, play and learning. Owned by Bristol Zoo, it's somewhere which I have visited with my children several times over the past few years, and we particularly enjoy the seasonal trails which are always great fun. Read on to find out my top five reasons to visit The Wild Place Project during this Halloween half-term!

1. The Wolf Pack Trail & Wolf Wood

The first of the trails on offer for Halloween is the Wolf Pack Trail. This gets kids exploring the grounds whilst they hunt for the missing words in their handbooks, in order to discover the new secret wolf pack pledge.

Once they've completed the pledge, they can head to the Wolf Camp to join the pack and collect their sticker. My children really enjoyed this, especially as Wolf Wood is one of their favourite parts of the park.

Wolf Wood is home to a young pack of male European grey wolves and it's quite a thrill when you manage to spot them as they run around (hint: head to the Barefoot Trail as this is a great viewing point for the wolves). I also recommend attending one of the Wolf Talks, which are held every day at half-term, at 12 & 2pm. It's really fascinating to learn more about these often misunderstood animals.

2. The Pumpkin Hunt

Webb's Brake is a stunning wood in the grounds of the Wild Place, which is often used for the seasonal trails. This year it hosts a pumpkin hunt and this was really good fun, as we walked around to find the six spooky pumpkins and ticked them off our sheets.

The wood has been fabulously decorated in a family-friendly spooky style, with plenty of witches, skulls, and skeletons to get you in the Halloween spirit!

3. The Air Raid Shelter

Did you know that there is a real World War Two air raid shelter in the grounds? According to the Wild Place, "at the time of the war, the shelter was part of the Hollywood Estate which was owned by the White family, founders of the Bristol Aircraft Company. And it may have helped safeguard some very distinguished guests, as wartime documents have revealed that Winston Churchill visited the White family, as did Queen Mary and Sir Robert Menzies."

And you will be able to explore the shelter, which is more than three metres below the ground, during half term! Located next to the Poppy Garden, it will be open every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 2pm and 3pm, from 20th October until 4th November.

4. The Animals

There is nowhere else in the West Country where you can see giraffes, cheetahs, zebras, and lemurs, to name but a few. The new giraffe enclosure has a fantastic viewing platform where you can watch two of these magnificent creatures - Tom and Dayo.

The lemur walk-through is also a family favourite, as you can get really close to five different species - mongoose lemurs, ring-tailed lemurs, red-bellied lemurs, white-belted ruffed lemurs and the newest residents, the Alaotran gentle lemur. And when I say close, I mean it - you may experience a lemur running in front of you, or jumping over your head! It's a great experience, so don't miss it.

5. Enjoyment for all ages

There really is something for everyone to enjoy at The Wild Place, and I don't say that about many attractions! As well as the animals, there are opportunities for woodland walks, bird spotting, the indoor Fun Fort for little ones, and the Leap of Faith for those who want a bit more adventure (ages 4 and up).

With the addition of some fun Halloween activities, plus the fact that the estate looks particularly stunning at this time of year, The Wild Place Project should definitely be at the top of your list of half-term days out.

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Have you visited The Wild Place Project? Let me know what you enjoyed the most - leave a comment below.

Disclaimer: I was offered a complimentary family ticket to The Wild Place Project in return for an honest review. All thoughts and photos are my own.

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